26 april 08:30Moderna Museet

Dare to develop everyone*

*Yes, everyone - not just management!

Join us in exploring the art and science of turning your workplace into a human growth arena where we will ask ourselves questions such as... 

  • What is adult development and why should we care? 
  • Can a culture of growth benefit the business?
  • What role can organizations take in the changing world of tomorrow?

We welcome you to a day where we explore human development together with world famous researchers and visionary CEOs and HR-executives including Robert Kegan (Harvard), Susanne Cook -Greuter, Katarina Berg (Spotify), Tomas Björkman (Ekskäret) and many more. 

Buy your ticket at https://bit.ly/2T4hKcX! 


9.00 Introduktion
Caroline Stiernstedt Sahlborn, Chairman Ekskäret Foundation

9.10 Agenda
Moderators Walter Osika, Director CSS Karolinska Institute och Bita Yazdani, Culture strategist SelfLeaders

9.20-9.45 Talk: ”Why do we need to develop everyone now? A historical context”

Tomas Björkman, Founder Ekskäret Foundation

9.45-10.10 Talk: ”What is adult development? Theory of stage development” 

Kristian Stålne, Senior lecturer Malmö university

10.10-10.35 Talk: ”Why is development important for leaders? An organizational perspective”

Jonathan Reams, Co-founder ECLP


11.00-11.30 Talk: ”How do we grow as human beings? Ways of wisdom”

Susanne Cook Greuter, Co-Prinicipal of the Center for Leadership Maturity

11.30-11.50  Discussion: ”What are our key learnings so far? Let's make sense of what we heard together"

11.50-12.40 Lunch

12.40-12.50 Welcome back

12.50-13.10 Talk: ”Change - Easy, hard or impossible? A reflection on our darkest sides”

Stefan Einhorn, Professor CSS Karolinska Institute  

13.10-13.30 Talk: "Is it all about mindset? How we choose to meet challenges and set-backs”

Malin Rapp, Leadership developer SelfLeaders

13.30-14.30 Talk: ”What responsibilty do organizations have? Perspectives on how culture matters”

Robert Kegan, Professor, Harvard

14.30-15.00 Break

15.00-15.10 ”How can organizations contribute to individual development?”

Case stories from some of Sweden's most well-known cultures: 

15.10-15.30 ”Case Telia”

Maria Rönnberg, HR Executive, Telia Sweden

15.30-15.50 Talk: ”Case H&M Group”

Helena Thybell, Head of People and Culture H&M Group

15.50-16.10 Talk: ”Case Spotify”

Katarina Berg, CHRO Spotify

16.10-16.15 Energizer

16.15-16.35 Panel discussion 
Katarina Berg, Maria Rönnberg, Helena Thybell and Robert Kegan

16.35-16.50 Talk: ”Check-out/Summary”

Jan Artem Henriksson, Transformational philosopher SelfLeaders and Relate

16.50-17.00 Ending and next steps

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Professor, Harvard

Robert Kegan

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Co-Prinicipal of the Center for Leadership Maturity

Susanne Cook -Greuter

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Founder, Ekskäret Foundation

Tomas Björkman

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Director, CSS Karolinska Institute

Walter Osika

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Co-founder, ECLP

Jonathan Reams

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Chairman Ekskäret Foundation

Caroline Stiernstedt Sahlborn

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Senior lecturer, Malmö university

Kristian Stålne

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CHRO, Spotify

Katarina Berg

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Head of People and Culture H&M Group

Helena Thybell

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HR Executive, Telia Sweden

Maria Rönnberg

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Transformational philosopher, SelfLeaders and Relate

Jan Artem Henriksson

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Leadership developer, SelfLeaders

Malin Rapp

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Moderator and culture strategist, SelfLeaders

Bita Yazdani

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Moderna Museet, Skeppsholmen (Exercisplan 4) Stockholm.


8.30-17.00​ on the 26th of April 2019.

Participation fee

- Company representative: 2 450 SEK/person (excl. VAT) 
- Privat/individual: 1 850 SEK/person (excl. VAT)
- Are you a student? Email us to get a good deal - pls note: limited spots!

    Buy your ticket at https://bit.ly/2T4hKcX!

    Fee includes: 
    - Access to SelfLeaders digital tool ValuesTree during 12 months
    - Lunch 
    - Refreshments and coffee upon arrival and during afternoon

    Your intangible goodiebag will include: 
    - Unique opportunity to meet top researchers from KI and Harvard
    - Tools to develop everyone
    - A glimpse of thriving organizational cultures   

    The registration is binding but you can change the name of the ticket holder after purchase.


    Se below. The agenda will be updated continuously.


    For more information contact Julija Blomqvist, Selfleaders.

    Vi som bjuder in:

    The Ekskäret Foundation

    The Ekskäret Foundation has a 100-year vision of a more conscious and sustainable world where humans create greater well-being, for themselves, for others and for the whole planet. The vision has manifested as we have gained a greater understanding about ourselves, our environment, society as a whole as well as the man-made systems that we all work in today. Our roll as a societal actor is therefore to offer arenas and programs where people and ideas can meet, grow and develop together. In this format, we can create a society that can flourish in all possible ways - humanly, economically and planetary. 

    The Center for Social Sustainability

    Many people want to contribute to creating a better world. But how to contribute in the most effective and long-lasting way is sometimes unclear. At the Centre for Social Sustainability we are leading the way through our scientific research and study. The Center for Social Sustainability is a new interdisciplinary and international center with carrying out research projects on social sustainability while producing exciting, creative, relevant and concrete research. 


    SelfLeaders is a cutting-edge culture & leadership agency who believes in a world where everyone is a leader. We are committed to democratizing growth beyond the reach of top management: we inspire leaders to dare to develop everyone and turn their culture into a strategic asset. With one foot in business strategy and another in motivational psychology, the SelfLeaders experience initiates a powerful and sustainable culture transformation. Only then can business be a true engine for solving complex human problems of our world.